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The Group held the Grand 2017 New Year Gala

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At 18:18 of January 13th, Xiaoshan Golden Horse Hotel International Hall was a happy and peaceful, beaming scene. "Fulida Group 2017 New Year Gala" was grandly held here with the theme of “ Cooperate and create a glorious future”. The senior leaders of the group, members of the board of directors, administrators of the headquater and branch managers of subsidiary cooperations in total over 230 people gathered together, having a great time of the night.


At the new year gala, the chairman, president Qi Jian’er made a speech. He firstly extended the sincere greetings to all the people who have attended the party and who have been concerned about the development of Fulida. He thanked for all the contribution they made over the past year! Qi Jian’er said in the past year, we have overcome the challenges of the doldrums textile industry terminal demand, the fierce market competition and other factors, the Group's overall economy was maintained in a smooth operation, which was relying on our all Fulida people’s efforts. We focused on the development ideas made in the beginning of year "strength mainline, quit sideline, moderate tranformation." to promote the fiber, printing and dyeing, trade and other business units, which achieved the transfer and cooperative development of the two real estate projects , as well as the successful operation of the Korla asset securitization project, opening a good board of the development of "the 13th five-year plan." 


Qi Jian’er stressed that for the work on the new year, we need to make positive efforts from three aspects: First, firm confidence. We will rely on the company's comprehensive textile industry system advantages and professional management team, and strive to make Fulida better, we will also focus on strengthening the operational responsibility, strong, orderly and effectively promoting the achievement of the annual goal; continually promoting the transformation of multiple business segments; implementing security responsibilities, bearing in mind that safety is the greatest care for workers. Second, collaborative innovation. We should broaden our horizons, build a more innovative, linkage, inclusive system, and fully integrate and take the advantages of the platform resources, to grasp the sales, research and development of the "two ends", drive "intermediate" production to further enhance and improve market competitiveness. The third is to drive the future. Step further to the innovative thinking, open the pattern, highlight the "talent-driven" to optimize the ecological innovation, continuous improve the working environment and living facilities, to create a "peaceful and comfortable" atmosphere. Adhere to the "value-driven" to build a "customer-oriented" as the core of cooperation mechanism for product development, manufacturing, supply and service, to enhance the customer's "dependency." The implementation of "management-driven" model can promote the quantization of management objectives, refine the management standards, make the management means more specific, clear the division of responsibilities, and gradually form a fine management.


Cooperate and create a glorious future. The New Year adress from Qi Jian’er inspired every Fulida people on the spot. With the warm applause, the party secretary Gao Dexian held high the glass, called on everyone to drink with congratulations, for the achievements of the past year, Cheers!

(Source: 《Fulida Newspaper》)