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The Group Successfully Held The Third Session of The Workers and Union Members of The General Assembly

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In May 14th, the group successfully held the third session of the workers and union members of the general assembly, to select the new session of union committee. The chairman of Hangzhou Dajiangdong industry cluster district Linjiang Enterprise Service Work Committee Chen Tianlong attended the meeting and made a speech. The chairman and president of the group Qi Jian’er made the administrative report. The secretary of party committee Gao De took the charge of the session. The vice president, president of the committee Wang Xiaohong made the committee work report. The vice president Qian Yumei, Wang Yuezhong and chief financial officer Wang Qinying attended this session. The staff representatives, representatives of union members, novoting delegates and outstanding staff from all positions of first production line in total 208 people attended this session.

In the session, Qi Jian’er made the administrative report of To Forge Ahead and Develop the New Chapter. In this report, he reviewed and summarized the key works of the group over 5 years, from four aspects: “Through the idea of innovation, add new impetus to the development”; “Through the program investment, enhance new power to the development”; “Focus on the environment and brand establishment, enhance the competitive advantages”; “Focus on the enterprise harmonious culture construction, enhance the energy of staff”. In addition, he outlooked the development plan for the next five years from three aspescts: “ Industry upgrading and developing”; “Improving the set up of the platform”; “Pay more attention to the actual work effect, complete management service.”

The general assembly in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association of China's Trade Unions and the Provisional Regulations on Electoral Work of Trade Unions, elected Wang Xiaohong, Ye Min, Yu Guanxiang, Chen Guanxian, Ni Baogen, Hu Wei, Qian Guowei, Zhang Xiaoyan and Xie Lijun as the new member of the union committee; elected Ding Yahong, Cao Pingping, Xie Lijun as member of the Trade Union Funding Review Committee. Approved by the decision by committee and party committee, Wang Xiaohong was again elected as the chairman of the third union committee, Yu Guanxiang again as the vice president of the third union committee, Xie Lijun as chairman of the Trade Union Funding Review Committee. Wang Xiaohong made a statement for representing as the new member of the union committee.

It is reported, before the general assembly, it cited Tong Guanjun and other 54 “Fulida Group Outstanding Staff in 2015” by notification. Gao Dexian read out The Decision of Citing Fulida Group Outstanding Staff in 2015.

(Source: 《Fulida Newspaper》)