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2016 China Textile Academic Annual Meeting Co-organized by The Group was held in Shanghai

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On October 24th, sponsored by China Textile Engineering Society, co-organized by China Textile and Apparel Brand Pioneering Park, Fulida Group Holding Co., Ltd, and National Textile Museum, 2016 China Textile Academic Annual Meeting was held in Shanghai. The secretary of party committee of China National Textile and Appreal Council Wang Tiankai, the chairman of China National Textile and Appreal Council and the director of China Textile Engineering Society Sun Ruizhe, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Yu Mingfang, Zhou Xiang, Jiang Shicheng and Yao Muyuan, experts and scholars at home and abroad, well - known scientific and technological enterprises at home and abroad,   textile technical workers from the scientific research, production, the first line of teaching jointly attended the meeting.

In the day before the annual meeting at "Fulida Night" 2016 China Textile Academic Annual Meeting welcome dinner, the chairman of the group made a passionate speech. He said, the textile industry is the traditional pillar industry of our country, the important livelihood industry and the industry of the creation of new international advantages. At this very moment, our leaders in the field of textile, experts and business colleagues gathered in Shanghai, carrying the responsibility and mission of the development of the industry. “Made in China 2025” and “ Internet Plus Initiative” projects will bring higher requirements of strategic oppotunity to the development of new era textile industry, also big impact to the original mode of production and management. We Fulida would like to embrace the change with our dreams, actions and persistence, with the guidance of “ Innovation, coordinate, green, open, sharing”, give the Group’s full play from the integrated textile industry resource advantages of researching, producting, sale by pulp, viscose staple fiber, polyester new material, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, further boost “SanPin strategies”, and as "To establishof a respected textile country that can make a great contribution to the textile power" said, with the industry responsibility, to do more meaningful things! 

It is reported that the Group as the vice chairman unit of China Textile Engineering Society, cooperate with the society to set up “Fulida” China Textile Youth Science and Technology Award, in order to encourage textile youth to work hard, to cultivate the young scientific and technological talents to grow into industry leaders.

(Source: 《Fulida Newspaper》)