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Viscose Polyester Weaving Printing and Dyeing Trade Thermoelectric Environmental Protection Investment


Fulida adopts “Driving value, creating excellence and moderate transformation" as the core investment philosophy, which perfectly matches the Group's strategic layout. Integrated with the advantages of talents, capital and information highland, it firmly promotes the effective combination of the real economy and capital economy, providing new power and competitiveness for the Group to strengthen the leading industries and economic growth.

Based on its excellent project, Fulida successfully conducted the project of Xinjiang Korla viscose and spinning in 2016. Through share right replacement, Fulida becomes the second largest shareholder of Zhongtai Chemical (002092.SZ), developing new investment pattern of synergetic development from chlor-alkali, viscose to spinning. Zhongtai Chemical is the key support enterprise in the autonomous region, with the total assets of 50 billion yuan, more than 30,000 employees, and the annual sales income of 30 billion yuan, which is among the top 500 Chinese enterprises. At the same time, in 2015, from the strategic layout, Fulida cooperated with cooperated enterprises in Xinjiang to promote the project construction with the annual output of 300,000 tons of viscose fiber.


Being moderate transformation-oriented, Fulida seized the opportunity of "China-Australia FTA" in 2015 and formed strategic alliance with the world's leading agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises, to become the second largest shareholder of Australia's Wellard Limited (WLD.AX) and intended to enter the field of "modern agriculture and food". Wellard Company is the largest live animals trading and processing enterprise in Australia, with the average daily purchasing of 2,000 sheep and cattle. The company has the shipping fleet of the highest capacity and degree of modernization, with the annual output value of over 400 million US dollars.


Fulida takes industry chain management as the core. In 2011, it conducted a wholly-owned acquisition of Canada Neucel (NEUCEL) special cellulose Co., Ltd. and successfully became the lead in the textile industry chain, it began its transnational operation and further enhanced the right of speech in the industry. At the same time, it actively participates in local clean energy projects.


Fulida takes expanding outreach business as an opportunity to invest in the real estate section. Based on Hangzhou Bay, southeastern Yangtze River Delta, Fulida has successfully developed "Hyde Park" in Shanghai, "Linjiang Garden" in Hangzhou, "Boaojinwan" in Hainan and many other real estate projects. In 2016, it purchased the area of Linjiang district Dajiangdong Hangzhou with 80 million to develop commercial and residential complex projects. 

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Corporate name:Zhejiang Aurora Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Company address:B-25 Building, Shanghui Building, No. 185 Jincheng Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou

Administrative Hotline:0086-571-83888108

Marketing Hotline:0086-571-83888108


Corporate name:Hangzhou Jinghua Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.

Company address:No.39999, Changfeng Road, Linjiang High-tech District, Dajiangdong, Hangzhou

Administrative Hotline:0086-571-83888106

Marketing Hotline:0086-571-83888106