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Environmental Protection
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Environmental Protection

Hangzhou Fulida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Group Sewage Treatment Plant) was founded in 2001 and upgraded to business entity in 2014. Now it has a plant capacity of processing 40,000 tons sewage and reusing 10,000 tons recycled water every day.


Fulida Environmental Protection (designed by the China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute) adopts advanced biological treatment, special sewage treatment and reclaimed water technology like "biological enzyme biochemical technology", " reclaimed water technology of catalytic ozonation, with the distinctive characteristics of quick response, adequate treatment, and so on. The sewage of the enterprise is emitted strictly according to Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Industry. (GB4287-2012).


Environmental protection is a major event that benefits the future and it is also the basic needs to develop the economy and improve the ecotope. Based on its strategies of green development, Fulida has always focused on the environmental protection of the Group's textile industry, in order to make the  water clear, sky blue and industry thriving. It plays an important role in building the "harmonious Jiangdong, quality Jiangdong", which is awarded as the advanced unit of environmental protection in Dajiangdong, Hangzhou work and so on.

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Corporate name:Hangzhou Fulida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Company address:Changfeng Road, Linjiang High-tech District, Dajiangdong Hangzhou

Administrative Hotline:0086-571-82119420

Marketing Hotline:0086-571-82119420