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Human resources
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Human resources
Quality first, make the best use of talent
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Outlook on talents

Talent is the first resource and is always the source of enterprise’s competitive advantage. Fulida adheres to the employment standards of "quality first and making the best use of talent". Fulida provides employees with space and create platform to realize their value as well as respects and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees. At the same time, Fulida regards employees as their partners and expects employees are able to work creatively in Fulida and enjoy a pleasant life.


Guiding ideology

Respecting the value of talents

Fulida advocate that everyone is talent. As long as they recognize Fulida’s culture with professionalism, professional quality and create performance, they can become Fulida’s talents.

Fulida advocates that enterprise value and the value of employees coexist. Employees will get their own pay and jobs, to realize their value.


Innovation management mechanism

Fulida keeps up with the times and constantly updates its management philosophy and innovation management system. Besides, it improves the HR system to protect and promote the realization of Group's strategic objectives.

Fulida continuously optimize the mechanism of selection, education, employment and retention and emphasizes the results-oriented principles as well as takes full advantage of human potential, trying to make the best use of their talents.


Creating harmonious atmosphere

Fulida follows the "humanistic culture" and pays attention to employee humanistic ecological to create open, transparent, equal and comprehensive environment.

Fulida promotes "patriotic feelings" and expects that every Fulida people can be responsibility, brave and dedicated and become the person who "caring for the family, meritorious to the enterprise and beneficial to the society".